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Unanimous Support for FIP Stepdown Program

Updated: Jan 2

Many of you have already donated generously to our supply drive for the Forensic Inpatient Stepdown Unit at the Los Angeles County Jail (see the previous post).

We are now collecting supplies for the FIP Stepdown unit at Twin Towers Correctional Facility. You can hear from Craigen, Duane and Rico who spoke at the County Board of Supervisor’s meeting last month (starts at 41 minutes; see video below or click here). These men serve as Mental Health Assistants in the Forensic InPatient (FIP) Stepdown Program. The Board voted unanimously to support additional aid and benefits to the Mental Health Assistants. This innovative program was started by Craigen Armstrong and Adrian Berumen six years ago. The program continues to grow and thrive transforming lives and hearts.

Please consider making a supply donation today. Supplies are mailed directly to the jail facility.

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