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One of CFLC’s core values is to make chaplaincy training as accessible as we can. From our experience training chaplains, we have learned that people engage in chaplaincy training for a variety of reasons. Some seek certification in order to pursue employed chaplaincy in traditional contexts. Some do not wish to be encumbered by the parameters of career chaplaincy and seek simply to develop their spiritual care skills, without further certification. While still others utilize the transformative process of CPE for their own personal growth and development. CFLC’s training program is designed to be flexible enough to support trainees as they pursue these diverse outcomes.


We created two tracks of training, both structured around the case study method pioneered by Anton Boisen and Dr. Richard Cabot. This method allows trainees to work at varying levels of intensity with an eye toward supporting different outcomes. Accessibility of this kind answers the growing need for adept and responsive lay chaplains, and to include under-represented voices in the practice of spiritual care. 


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