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Tears of Comfort and Gratitude

Thank you to all who have donated to our supply drive for the women in the FIP Stepdown Program in the Los Angeles County Jail. Each donation has directly impacted individual women. The other day as we were walking cell to cell, Irene showed us her "hygiene" neatly arranged on a small table. She had it decorated with cutout flowers she had painted. "Feels like home," she said as her eyes filled with tears. This has been the response to your generous gifts...tears of gratitude and comfort often followed by, "Doesn't my hair smell good?" We are so grateful to all of you for being a part of this mission of love and care in the Los Angeles County Jails!

We will continue to collect supplies as long as the department allows, so please feel free to add some deodorant or body wash the next time you are shopping on Amazon!

A huge thank you to these wonderful supporters:

​Julie Diane Askren The Rev. Dr. Karri Backer Susan S. Canjura Nika Carrigan Kathleen Ann Chai Shelia Dart Sharyn Delahouise Lewis Gail Hilton Catherine Horn Ruth Haskins

​Roxanne L. Kono The Rev. Canon Kelli Grace Kurtz Alan and Lynne Mast Katherine M. Martinez Nancy L. Rothwell Kris Raasch Polly Patricia Scott Kim Smith The Rev. Kay Sylvester Melvin M. Soriano

Click Here for the Wish List Link and get the items sent directly to us!

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