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Making the World Happy

The Dongfang Jinghui Symphony Orchestra redefines musical and spiritual boundaries. Led by Venerable Shi Wule, the abbot of Tiantai Temple, this orchestra is a remarkable ensemble consisting entirely of Buddhist monks and nuns. Their musical talent, developed without formal training, is infused with an unwavering dedication to their faith. They utilize the universal language of music to share and transmit the teachings of Buddha. Their goal is to travel and share their music, living out their mission of “making the world happy.”

Located in Hubei Province, China, Tiantai Temple has more than 1,000 years of history. It is the birthplace of the Tiantai School, one of the eight major Buddhist traditions in China. Today, Tiantai’s spiritual resonance extends across the globe through the melodies of the Dongfan Jinghui Symphony Orchestra. Guided by Abbot Shi Wule, the 64-strong ensemble is currently on a global tour, seeking to spread the serene beauty of their music far and wide.

CFLC | PRISM, in collaboration with All Saints Church, is excited to present the Dongfang Jinghui Symphony Orchestra live in concert, on Thursday, June 22, 2023, at 11:00 AM PDT. This performance,to take place in the sanctuary of All Saints Church, is a chance to experience a unique melding of sacred spaces. Here, the sublime architecture of the church meets the spiritual harmonies of the orchestra, offering an experience of tranquility and unity. Refreshments, courtesy of All Saints Church, will be served. Admission to this concert is free, and all are welcome.

For those intrigued by the teachings of Buddhism and interested in further exploration, CFLC PRISM will be hosting a comprehensive four-week course exploring the diverse traditions of Buddhism in September. Stay in the loop about this and other upcoming events by signing up for our newsletter.

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