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Happy New Year from CFLC / Prism Restorative Justice!

CFLC and PRISM accomplished a great deal in 2022 and we are grateful to all of our donors and volunteers who have made the ministry of providing spiritual care in under-resourced spaces possible. Looking ahead in 2023, we would like to share some of our upcoming events and activities.

News & Announcements


Curriculum Development

Currently we are developing a two-part curriculum, which has radically adapted the case study model, very little writing is required and most of the reflections are done in real time. Sessions 1-12 introduce the case study and some basic concepts which enable trainees to reflect on their spiritual care. Sessions 13-24 we continue with the adapted case study model and introduce more theoretical concepts.

We are looking for participants to help us beta test sessions 13-24. Beginning on February 11th, we will begin a 12 week cohort to beta test sessions 13-24. Anyone interested in participating should contact us here.

Training Cohorts for Licensing Lay Chaplains in Parish and Diocesan Ministries

Utilizing the curriculum under development, the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles is establishing a process for lay pastoral caregivers to become licensed chaplains who can provide pastoral care within their home parishes or the wider diocesan contexts. Our first training cohort begins on March 11th. If you’re interested, you can contact us here.

Donation Acknowledgements

In 2022, CFLC/PRISM raised a total of $25,981. Thank you for your generosity! Our ministries rely on your generosity and we are grateful to everyone who donated over this past year. We are in the process of preparing donation acknowledgements for tax purposes. If you have not received an acknowledgement from us by January 31st, please contact us so we can rectify this oversight. We are eager to acknowledge your generosity. (And we would like you to get a tax deduction too!)


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