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Our Curriculum

CLFC offers Lay CPE training for anyone seeking to develop their spiritual care skills and/or is interested in becoming a Licensed Parish or Diocesan Chaplain. Lay CPE is led by trained facilitators, who help support, guide, and encourage trainees through a process-focused training aimed at cultivating interpersonal insight, self-awareness, and developing spiritual care skills.


CPE for Everyone

Traditionally, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) has been reserved for those who aspire to ordination or professional chaplaincy. A certified unit of CPE can cost $500-$1800, and require 400 volunteer hours which means only a privileged few have the kind of abundant resources required for this training. We believe the life transforming process of CPE should be available to anyone who wants to engage in this work and CFLC was formed around a single question: Can we make CPE accessible to everyone?


Training Structure

In CPE, self/other awareness is cultivated through CPE’s model of action-reflection-action. CFLC’s adapted CPE model relies on a flipped classroom, where most of the direct instruction happens outside of class and time inside of class is focused on group process and case consultation. 


​CPE is NOT a traditional class experience. It might be best to think of CPE as a laboratory, where trainees are encouraged to test, interrogate, and explore concepts, their own reactions and that of their colleagues.

Self - Awareness Journal

Part of the Lay CPE training is developing a practice of self-reflection and the Self-Awareness Journal is designed to help support the practice of self-reflection. Some trainees come into the work of spiritual care with a great deal of experience reflecting on their own reactivity, while other trainees have little or none at all. Whatever their experience, the Self-Awareness Journal offers trainees a structured way to reflect on their reactions in their spiritual care encounters as well as their daily life.

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