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The Work | The Gift of Lay Chaplains

Over the last several weeks, we’ve heard from the CFLC/Prism chaplains who support the human flourishing of people of faith—or no faith at all—in places like the LA County jails, shower programs, and food banks. We’ve also visited with those who have received the care of our chaplains and heard how life-giving the ministry of chaplaincy can be.

In this, our final installment, we’ll hear from lay trainees, who have begun The Work of developing their spiritual care skills through Lay CPE. The Center for Lay Chaplaincy has adapted the structure of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) to make it available to anyone who wishes to engage in the transformative work of CPE.

Thank you for coming along with us this Lent. We hope you have been inspired by the CFLC/Prism chaplains and maybe you’ve even learned a little bit about the vocation of chaplaincy along the way. The Work of chaplaincy invites us to live in the stories of the people we serve which graciously morphs to beloved community.

We would love to have you continue with us on this journey. Consider joining us for our five-week series in May entitled Exploring Chaplaincy. Each Wednesday evening, we’ll hear from chaplains who work in unique contexts. If you’re curious about chaplaincy in places like airports, corporations, the military, or ports, you will want to join us for this exciting series. You can find more information here.

And if you missed any of our Lenten video series, you can find all The Work videos

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