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The Work | Spiritual Refuge with Tea

This week on The Work - We are joined by Jessica Zheng. Jessica is a Chaplain and Facilitator with The CFLC. Jessica developed a mobile Tea House to bring the traditional peace and hospitality of a tea ceremony to places like food banks, shower programs and public parks in the Los Angeles Area.

Spiritual care isn't a luxury, it is a vital resource for human flourishing. Donate today and help us bring robust spiritual care to those who are incarcerated, unhoused and often forgotten. We can't do The Work, without you:

The CFLC & Prism Restorative Justice present - The Work: A exploration of The Work of The Center for Lay Chaplaincy & Prism Restorative Justice. Hear from our colleagues and fellow chaplains as they minister to people in challenging contexts and learn about the transformative practices of CPE.

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