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The Supply and Demand of Chaplaincy | Reflections from the Spiritual Care Summit

Late in October, I was invited to speak at the Spiritual Care Summit in Maine about CFLC’s training program for lay chaplains. Dr Wendy Cadge, the Founder and Director of the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab and a nationally recognized expert on the field of chaplaincy was the other keynote speaker. Dr Cadge gave a thought provoking talk about the disconnect between what she refers to as the “supply side” of chaplaincy vs the “demand side” of chaplaincy. In Dr. Cadge’s conception of the supply side is related to how chaplains get trained and who certifies them, whereas the demand side of chaplaincy is related to how work of chaplains is understood, received, and where the work is needed. Dr Cadge’s research has unearthed some fascinating insights and I invite you to watch her talk.

Here’s a link to her slide deck:

Here is Dr. Cadge's presentation:

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