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Exploring Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy is largely a misunderstood enterprise, both inside and outside of faith traditions. And the vast array of contexts in which chaplains serve seems only to compound the misconceptions that surround the work of chaplains.

Just for starters, you can find chaplains serving in airports, in corporations, with seafarers in sea ports, in the military and in even veterinary offices. And each of these unique contexts have a way of conditioning the distinct role chaplains play. Differences in contexts notwithstanding, chaplains often, although not always, serve people who are experiencing some kind of crisis or distress. And providing spiritual care under such conditions can pose some interesting challenges.

Each Wednesday in May, we will be hosting a five-week, online educational series, highlighting the work of chaplains in unique contexts. Each week, we will gather and have a chance to listen to the stories of chaplains who work to bring compassion and the transformative possibilities of spiritual care in complex circumstances.

The series is free and open to anyone curious about the work of chaplaincy. Here’s an overview of the schedule:

For more detailed information about each session or to register for the series, click here!

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