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Emerging Contexts and Practices to Support Spiritual Wellness

CFLC’s Exploring Chaplaincy series continues to be one of our most popular events. This year, we had more than eighty people register, from all around the county. But perhaps more importantly, this series gives those who gather –including our own staff– a chance to dialog with chaplains who work on the frontlines. Several of our speakers work in emerging contexts, and are developing interventions and practices to support spiritual wellness in unusual spaces.

Most notably, Chaplain Alex Donovan and Rev. Greg McBayer described their corporate chaplaincy work and the emerging concern that companies have about supporting spiritual wellness. Chaplain Alex and Rev. Greg each offered their unique perspectives about approaches to supporting the spiritual wellness of employees through presence –the mainstay of chaplaincy– as well as the implementation of online liturgies and mindfulness practices.

If you weren’t able to join us, you can find recordings of the sessions right here. There’s plenty to learn in each installment, so be sure to check them out.

And finally, our thanks to everyone who joined us during the live sessions and engaged our speakers in lively conversation. Your presence helped to make this year’s series successful yet again!

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